Editor Suggestion

If you receive a message and lead you to this page you're invited to test out our blogging system

Today we bring you two modern blogging/CMS (Content management system) one is Ghost which is the system we build this page, another is October CMS it contains some feature such as todo list calculator and some short code to make a function usually build with a bunch of code

So your mission is login to those two CMS and tried out their editor and tell us what you think by sending the form below

So let's start

First you're going to test out Ghost's editor, to test it you'll need to do the following steps:

First, go to New post and login with following details

Email: gmail@andrewyg.net
password: andrewygadminpass

Than create a post by add title than type your content in the left box you could also use markdown

You can use the markdown tip by clicking the icon circle by red pen

Try October CMS editor

To try october CMS's editor you;ll also need to login
Go to login page with the following details

User: demo
password: password

Then click add and wait for a moment than you'll see an editor like Microsoft Word and you can start edit

Your thought

After you tried those two editors you might have some thought tell us by the form below and once more thank you for helping us for more information on editor choosing for the multi-user blog in the feature

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